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Alfa Romeo RL?
I B + L
Country: RP Kampuchea, Cambodia
Year: 1984
Title: Alfa Romeo RL?
Description: Red Alfa Romeo, my guess is that it's an Alfa Romeo RL Super Sport from about 1925. -the 6C successor is more "slim" and has rounder corners.
Alfa Romeo, RL Sport fro...
I B + L
Country: Mongolia
Year: 1986
Title: Alfa Romeo, RL Sport from 1922
Description: Alfa Romeo RL was produced from 1922-1927 and the car was designed by Giuseppe Merosit. The RL was built in three versions: Normela, Sport and Turismo.
Alfa Romeo RL
I B + L
Country: Viet Nam, Vietnam
Year: 1984
Title: Alfa Romeo RL
Description: Alfa Romeo RL Sport from 1922. -but the sportiest verison was the "Targa Florio", i've seen the same car on a Mongolian stamp

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