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 North America
I B + L
Country: US, USA
Year: -
Title: Purple Bald Eagle
Description: Bald Eagle [Haliaeetus leucocephalus] B postage
I B + L
Country: Canada
Year: -
Title: Flying Canada Goose
Description: Flying Canada Goose [Branta canadensis] printed in blue
I B + L
Country: Panama
Year: -
Title: Pekingese
Description: Pekingese [Canis lupus familiaris] portrait on a blue background

I B + L
Country: Deutschland, Germany
Year: 2004
Title: Roter Sand
Description: The Roter Sand in the North Sea was lit in 1885 and is 24 m tall.
I B + L
Country: UK
Year: -
Title: Jumping Salmon
Description: Salmon [Salmo salar] jumping in white water and a sliver queen in the corner
I B + L
Country: Sverige, Sweden
Year: -
Title: North Swedish Horse
Description: North Swedish Horse [Equus caballus] portrait
I B + L
Country: Monaco
Year: 1967
Title: Alfa Romeo P3 from 1932
Description: Alfa Romeo P3, winning car of the Monaco Grand Prix 1932, driven by Tazio Nuvolari (1892-1953). The P3 was designed by Vittorio Jano (1891-1965)

I B + L
Country: Cambodge, Cambodia
Year: -
Title: Baksei Chamkrong
Description: Small Hindui temple built as a pyramid

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