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7 stamps are matching: Alfa Romeo

Darracq Tourer
I B + L
Country: Republique du Benin, Benin
Year: 1998
Title: Darracq Tourer
Description: Yellow Darracq Tourer(?). Darracq did not do well and was aquired 1in 1909 by Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili (A.L.F.A.), later Alfa Romeo.
Alfa Romeo, 8C, 1931
I B + L
Country: Republique de Haute-Volta, Burkina Faso
Year: -
Title: Alfa Romeo, 8C, 1931
Description: Alfa Romeo "8C 2300 tipo Le Mans" was the sport version of the 8C 2300 and had a 2.3L (2366 cc) engine. The car had a sucessful debut in the Le Mans in 1931 with Henry Birkin as driver.
Alfa Romeo RL?
I B + L
Country: RP Kampuchea, Cambodia
Year: 1984
Title: Alfa Romeo RL?
Description: Red Alfa Romeo, my guess is that it's an Alfa Romeo RL Super Sport from about 1925. -the 6C successor is more "slim" and has rounder corners.
Green Alfa Romeo 33
I B + L
Country: Lao. Laos
Year: 1987
Title: Green Alfa Romeo 33
Description: a green Alfa Romeo 33 on a stamp printed in 1987. Alfa 33 was produced between 1983 and 1995 and was the successor of Alfasud. The Alfa 33 was desigend by Ermanno Cressoni (the station wagon was designed by Pininfarina) and nearly 1 milion cars was built.
Alfa Romeo, RL Sport fro...
I B + L
Country: Mongolia
Year: 1986
Title: Alfa Romeo, RL Sport from 1922
Description: Alfa Romeo RL was produced from 1922-1927 and the car was designed by Giuseppe Merosit. The RL was built in three versions: Normela, Sport and Turismo.
Alfa Romeo P3 from 1932
I B + L
Country: Monaco
Year: 1967
Title: Alfa Romeo P3 from 1932
Description: Alfa Romeo P3, winning car of the Monaco Grand Prix 1932, driven by Tazio Nuvolari (1892-1953). The P3 was designed by Vittorio Jano (1891-1965)
Alfa Romeo RL
I B + L
Country: Viet Nam, Vietnam
Year: 1984
Title: Alfa Romeo RL
Description: Alfa Romeo RL Sport from 1922. -but the sportiest verison was the "Targa Florio", i've seen the same car on a Mongolian stamp

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