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Sant Joan de Caselles
I B + L
Country: Andorra
Year: 1975
Title: Sant Joan de Caselles
Description: Postal delivery with donkey [Equus africanus asinus] at Sant Joan de Caselles. Exposicion mundial de filatelia Espana 1975
Mainz Cathedral
I B + L
Country: Deutsche, Germany
Year: 1975
Title: Mainz Cathedral
Description: Mainz Cathedral celebrating 1000 years in 1975. But it's actually debated if the build started in 975 orin 976.
First AC Locomotive
I B + L
Country: Magyar, Hungary
Year: 1975
Title: First AC Locomotive
Description: The first AC electrical locomotive, designed by Kálmán Kandó and built by Ganz in 1898-1902. 75 Eves a magyar tlektrotechhnikai, Egyesulet.
I B + L
Country: Isle of Man
Year: 1975
Title: Laxey
Description: Laxey is a village on the east coast of Isle of Man. Lady Isabella (waterwheel) can be seen on the left.
Horse and Parasitic Fly
I B + L
Country: Cuba
Year: 1975
Title: Horse and Parasitic Fly
Description: The lifecycle of a Horse bot fly [Gasterophilus intestinalis] and a portrait of a [Equus caballus]

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